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MACRA Compliance for Anesthesia

How do you want to capture your data?

Healthcare landscape is complex. We provide options.

Paper + Fax/Upload

As simple as it gets. Start today.


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Download our form today and start using immediately for each case you perform.


Fax it to us

At the end of the day, simply fax us your forms, and we’ll take care of the rest.

iOS Anesthesia App

Mobile data entry for anesthesia.


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No interface required with hosptial. Simply scan patient’s barcode and start entering your data.


Real-Time Data Entry

Templated, intuitive data entry makes MACRA compliance as easy and fast as possible.


Whether looking for simple MACRA compliance, more operational insight, or full charge capture, we have options.

MACRA Simple

$459/provider per yr*
  • QCDR Registration

  • 8 Measures

  • 3 Process Activities

  • —-

  • Daily Analytic Emails

  • OPPE/FPPE Reports

  • Joint Commission Quality Reports

  • Provider Comparisons

  • Population Health Reports


$459/provider per yr*
  • QCDR Registration

  • 8 Measures

  • 3 Process Activities

  • —-

  • “Simple”, plus:

  • Location Utilization

  • Staffing Heatmaps

  • Turn over Times

  • First Case Delay Costs

Charge Capture

  • MACRA Compliance

  • Dashboard Analytics

  • —-

  • Inbound ADT Interface

  • Outbound Interface to RCM Vendor

  • No More Lost Claims

  • No Couriers

  • HIPAA Secure

  • Real-time Submission

*Additional fees include services such as ADT feeds, custom form creation, custom outbound interfaces, paper form data entry, set up fees, etc.

Intelligent Purpose

Documentation should be well-designed with each discrete field serving a specific purpose. Let’s unlock its value with Anesthesia specific Dashboards.

MACRA Compliance

Easily compare each of your providers to ensure they have the best chance at earning a high Provider Composite Score. Find incomplete charts and easily correct them.

Anesthesia Quality

Quality is different than compliance. Our solution includes OPPE/FPPE support for Joint Commission requirements, hospital credentialing, and market protection.

Operational Excellence

Anesthesia sits at the epicenter of the hospital’s most important cost center. View reports on Turn Over Time, Staffing Utilization, and Cost of Delays, to name just a few.

Enterprise Scorecards

Easily review monthly performance at all of the Facilities within your organization. Set goals and monitor their success with real, measured data.

Robust RCM Integration

Effortlessly submit clean claims, track them, and lower your overhead in the process. No more lost charges, and no more delays in submission. Fully HIPAA compliant.

Facility Scorecards

Easily export and share annual productivity, efficiency, and safety reports. Actionable insight puts you back in control of your anesthesia practice.

How is Compliance tracked?